Erin Beckwith - Master Private Trainer (Level 4)

Employed at CSC since 2007.  Bachelors of Arts in Athletic Training and Health & Fitness Management, Capital University; Masters of Education in Health PRomotion and Education with an emphasis in Health and Exercise Management, University of Cincinnati.  Certified and Licensed Athletic Trainer, National Athletic Trainers' Association; Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Enjoys reading, cooking and baking, listening to music, working out.

Specialty: As a certified Athletic Trainer and certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist working on her PhD in Athletic Training, Erin specializes in adapting and modify exercises for injury prevention and protection. She works well with those who have orthopedic and musculoskeletal issues, balance and motor control issues and individuals who have special considerations and limitations

Fitness Tip: Make the most of your activity time.

Training Philosophy: Keep it fresh to stay interested.

527-4001, Ext. 301

Deontey Kenner - Master Private Trainer (Level 4)

Employed at the CSC since 2001. Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology, University of Cincinnati; Former UC Quarterback; American Council on Exercise (ACE) Certification; Strength and Conditioning Coach at Walnut Hills High School.

Enjoys golf, squash, fishing and football.

Specialty: Deontey's strengths are motivating clients to get the most intense workout possible in ways that are safe and technically correct.  He works well with individuals and small groups and helps women remove their fears of strength training.

Fitness Tip: Your intensity level should vary with the amount of time you have to workout.

Training Philosophy: If you are going to put the time in, make it quality time.

527-4001, Ext. 307

513-237-8731 Cell

Brad Messenger - Master Private Trainer (Level 4)

Employed at the CSC since May of 1993. Bachelor of Science in Sports Management, University of Dayton.  American Council on Exercise (ACE) Certification.

Enjoys family, travel and baseball. 

Specialty: Brad works to make people feel good about who they are, because when people feel good, they make healthier decisions.  He works well with older adults to build positive behaviors through exercise, and is very good at being the voice people need to be their best.

Fitness Tip: Exercise at an intensity level that challenges you.

Training Philosophy: Work to be the best possible version of yourself.

513-527-4001, Ext. 325

513-515-6843 Cell

Vic Troha, DPT, NTP - Master Trainer (Level 4)

Employed at CSC since June 2012.  Doctorate in Physical Therapy at Mount St. Joseph Univeristy. Bachelor of Arts of Health Science from the University of Cincinnati. Doctorate in Physical Therapy (DPT), Nutritional Therapist Practitioner (NTP), National Council on Strength & Fitness (NCSF), National Federation of Coaching (NFHS) and Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) certifications.

Enjoys exercising, golf, football and boating.

Specialty: Vic incorporates his background in Physical Therapy to emphasize body mechanics and proper form.  He specializes in injury free strength, conditioning, and toning for all ages.  His backgrounds as a collegiate football player, high school coach and physical therapist have provided experience with all demographics.

Fitness Tip: Don't ruin the hard work you put in at the gym with bad habits outside the gym.

Training Philosphy: Form BEFORE weight.

513-527-4001 Ext. 308

616-901-0369 Cell

Steve Owens - Expert Trainer (Level 3)

Employed at CSC since October 2013. B.S. Health Science University of Cincinnati. American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) 

Enjoys golf, soccer, basketball, exercise, cooking. 

Specialty: Steve specializes in high-intensity workouts.  He builds programs designed to build muscle and lose weight quickly, paying extra attention to correct posture and form for best results.  He works well with 25-55 year olds, and women that are interested in training after pregnancy.

Fitness Tip: Proper warm-up and stretching prevents injuries.

Training Philosophy: Always challenge yourself, never go through the motions.

513-527-4001, Ext. 311 


Emily Ratto - Expert Trainer (Level 3)

Employed at CSC since August 2010. BA in liberal arts. Certifications:  Balanced Body (Pilates), Pendleton Pilates (Pilates), certified Piloxing instructor, NASM certified, Health & Nutrition Coach (IIN), Certified Holistic Health Practitioner (AADP) and TRX.

Enjoys studying anatomy and physiology, nutrition, and integrative medicine.

Specialty: Emily works with clients who are concerned with variety in their routines, building core strength, and a total body workout. Her strengths are body imbalance assessments, nutrition, and building a unique routine for each person. She works well with people who are committed to improving their overall health and fitness whether rehabbing an injury, looking to shake up their routine, or just getting started at the gym.

Training Philosophy: Exercise is the spark, nutrition is the fuel, without both, there can be no flame.

527-4001, Ext. 322

513-702-4919 Cell

Claire Wellington - Expert Trainer (Level 3)

Employed at CSC since 2002. Bachelor Degree in Sports Management - Wellness, Wilmington College; Played collegiate and amateur soccer, currently coaching with Cincinnati United.  Personal Trainer, American Council on Exercise (ACE).

Enjoys coaching and playing soccer, running and tennis.

Specialty: Claire specializes in orthopedic exercise, so she focuses on helping older adults improve balance, coordination and mental focus.

Fitness Tip: Add variety to your workout to see the best results.  Your body will love you for it!

Training Philosphy: Finding a successful program is different for everybody.  Find something you enjoy.

527-4001, Ext. 314

Jeremy Combs - Premier Trainer (Level 2)

Jeremy Combs CSC Private Trainer

Employed at CSC since 2014.  Pre-Physical Therapy at Northern Kentucky University and UC Clermont; International Sports Sciences Association (ISSE) Certification.

Enjoys exercise, swimming, sports and cooking.

Specialty: As a personal trainer and swim instructor, Jeremy trains people of all ages in the gym and in the water.  Whether it's losing weight, gaining muscle or just staying in great shape, he likes to learn about people's goals so he can help them achieve the results they want.

Fitness Tip: Motivate yourself and stay positive.  Set a fitness goal you want to achieve and write down your progress each day.

Training Philosophy: You are your greatest asset.  Put your time and effort into training.  Never quit on yourself or any of your goals.

527-4001, Ext. 323

cell - (513) 379-5239


Ed Feldhaus - Premier Trainer (Level 2)

Employed at CSC since 1992.  Masters of Science in Police Science, Xavier University; Bachelor of Science Criminal Justice, University of Cincinnati, American Council of Exercise (ACE) Certification, Retired Cincinnati Police Department.

Enjoys Tae Kwon Do - 5th Degree Blackbelt, swimming, working out, reading and traveling the world.

Specialty: As a Tae Kwon Do instructor for more than 10 years, Ed specializes in stretching and self-defense.  He is certified to work with older adults in brain, balance and boot camp training.

Fitness Tip: Be sure to warm up before and stretch after exercising.

Training Philosophy: Be consistent with your workouts.

527-4001, Ext. 310.

Sondra Kurz - Premier Trainer (Level 2)

Employed at CSC since October 2009. St. Ursula Academy volleyball coach, BFA, The Ohio State University.  Volleyball Coach and Trainer, National Association of Sports Medicine (NASM), Certified ACE Sports Conditioning, TRX.

Enjoys running with my dog, riding my scooter, coaching volleyball.

Specialty: Sondra helps people work hard to exceed their own fitness expectations.  She specializes in training middle-aged adults who have an athletic background, and individuals with knee, hip and shoulder injuries.  She works especially well with women aged 35-55 seeking better work-life-health balance.

Fitness Tip: Make every day a feel good day by putting fitness into it.

Training Philosophy: Fun Functional Fitness keeps you strong and healthy for that active life.

527-4001, Ext. 315

513-236-9188 Cell

Kelley Wainscott - Premier Trainer (Level 2)

Formerly the Lead Trainer at the Blue Ash YMCA and has been employed at the CSC since July 2014. B.A. and Masters Degree in communications University of Cincinnati: Adjunct Professor of communications NKU, Xavier, Thomas More, Gateway. American Council On Exercise (ACE) Certified and Certified Nutritional Lifestyle Coach.

Enjoys working out, sporting events and teaching college. 

Specialty: Kelley specializes in body toning, so she helps people increase metabolism, burn fat and build muscle tone with workouts that combine resistance and cardiovascular exercise techniques into a High Intensity Interval Training program.

Fitness Tip: Train the body, train the mind.

Training Philosophy: Your time is valuable.  You are invaluable. Maximizing results to meet your goals is my expertise.  Designing fun and interesting programs where every step achieves multiple objectives is key.

513-527-4001, Ext. 321

513-984-8018 Cell

Nick Burgin - Nova Trainer (Level 1)

Nick Burgin

Employed at CSC since June 2015. Associates Degree in Health and Fitness at Cincinnati State.  American College of Sports Medicine (Personal Trainer) and National Academy of Sports Medicine (Corrective Exercise Specialist).

Enjoys Snowboarding, Fishing, Exercise and Hiking.

Specialty: Nick likes to help people conquer their weight challenges with exercise intensities that best fit their fitness level.  He is certified in corrective exercise, so is good with people who suffer from lower back pain, sin splints, planter fasciitis and upper trap pain.

Fitness Tip: Correct form is key to a happy workout

Training Philosophy: It is you against yourself when it comes to fitness. Make goals that fit your needs because we are all different in some way. That is what makes us special. 

513-527-4001, Ext. 302

513-800-3888 (c)

Troy Hambric - Nova Trainer (Level 1)

Employed at CSC since March 2017; Education/Experience: Bachelor Degree in Sociology- Loyola Univ. Chicago. Former DI collegiate basketball player; Former Overseas Professional basketball player; basketball coach; Fitness model; personal trainer in Chicago.  Certification: Personal Trainer, ACE (American Council on Exercise). 

Enjoys coaching, traveling and cooking

Specialty: performance exercise for all levels of fitness

Fitness Tip: Add stretching to your daily routine, even on your off days. You’ll be amazed at what a difference this makes to your body!

Training Philosophy: Make it a priority to become your strongest, healthiest, and most importantly, HAPPIEST self through fitness and nutrition. 

Cell 313-806-0377

Nick Kulik - Nova Trainer (Level 1)

Employed at CSC since December 2016.  B.S in Economics from Syracuse University; Juris Doctor from University of Miami. Certifications: American Counsel on Exercise (ACE)

Enjoys Ironman Triathlons; Tennis; Basketball; Cooking

Specialty: Nick specializes in workouts that get the most out your time spent at the gym. He creates high intensity circuit programs that simultaneously builds muscle and sheds excess fat. He works well with anyone that is looking to take on a new challenge at the gym.

Fitness Tip: Constant and Consistent Hydration is a critical factor in exercise success

Training Philosophy: Always be in the moment and enjoy the journey


527-4001 ext 336

Sydney Kurz - Nova Trainer (Level 1)

Employed at CSC since November 2015; Education/Experience: BA in Marketing from Ohio Mid/Western College. 3 year collegiate soccer athlete. Certification: ACE (American Council on Exercise). 

Enjoys Soccer, hiking with her dogs, skiing and considers myself a foodie!

Specialty: Specializing in full body workouts, oriented to clients goals, motivating  and maintaining a healthy/active lifestyles

Fitness Tip: Think of your workouts as important meetings you’ve schedule with yourself. “Bosses don’t cancel”

Training Philosophy: START by sweating 20 minutes a day!

527-4001, ext. 324

Cell 513-265-1822

Sarah Schnieders - Nova Trainer (Level1)

Employed at CSC since: October 2016

Hobbies: Strength training, Food prepping, Shopping, Study dates with friends

Fitness Tip: If you stretch correctly and regularly, you will find that every movement you make becomes easier, and decrease your risk of injury.

Training Philosophy: The body achieves, what the mind believes.

513-527-4001 ext. 316

cell 859-462-1993

Peter Wimberg - Nova Trainer (Level 1)

Employed at CSC since 2007.  BSBA, Finance, Xavier University.  ACE Certified Personal Trainer; USA Cycling Level 2 Coach with Distinction and Power Based Certification.

Enjoys cycling, hiking, gardening, music and photography.

Specialty: Pete wants his clients to go hiking for days, work in the yard and play competitive sports without prolonged soreness or fear of injury, so he specializes in strength training for endurance athletes and enthusiasts seeking a mix of strength and plyometric exercises.

Fitness Tip: The key to reaching your potential for an event is to periodize your training program and properly taper up to the event.

Training Philosophy: Make your hard days hard and your easy days easy.

527-4001, Ext. 335

513-207-4269 Cell