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What's New with HMR

Better Weight, Better Life: The time to start is NOW! The average weight loss of participants in the Healthy Solutions program is 29 pounds in 12 weeks, and 52 pounds in 26 weeks. Phase One is about 13 weeks long, and involves a 75-minute class once a week to manage progress. With weekly attendance, daily recorded data, consistent physical activity and regimented meal replacements, we can reach your goals, together. Come see what it’s all about with a no-obligation information session, offered weekly on Mondays at 12pm and Tuesdays at 6pm.

HMR at Home: The HMR at Home program follows the same three-shake, two-meal and five-fruit/veggie per day food prescription as the Healthy Solutions diet, giving people the option to participate in the program without attending weekly meetings. Meal and shake orders can be placed at Market Café, and will be shipped directly to your house for convenience. All the perks with twice the convenience!

Healthy Shakes Program: Healthy Shakes can help you build the body you want for the summer season! The Healthy Shakes Program is designed for people who want to lose 10-20 pounds through simple diet changes with meal replacements and shakes available at Market Café. Email Kelsey Garrison for details.

HMR at the CSC

The Cincinnati Sports Club has partnered with HMR Weight Management to offer a program providing clinically significant weight loss outcomes. Regular weekly information sessions will be available at the Club to learn about the program, product sampling and Q&A.  This is a no obligation learning session.

Weekly Informational Sessions

(begin the week of Feb. 6)

  • Monday at noon
  • Tuesday at 6pm


  • US News & World Report ranks HMR as the #1 Fast Weight Loss Diet. The ranking was based on both short and long-term weight-loss ratings.
  • HMR Weight Management has been around for over 35 years and has published data showing reductions in hypertension, diabetes, and degenerative joint disease.
  • The program is based around group coaching, physical activity, accountability, and structured diet and nutrition.
  • Healthy Solutions is more than just a “diet”, the high intensity lifestyle intervention program helps people lose weight, become more active and live a healthy lifestyle. It’s time to try the weight-loss program that’s trusted by physicians across the country. With HMR foods, lifestyle education, coaching and medical support – you’ll get results quickly and never go hungry!
    • Feel full, with satisfying weight-loss shakes, entrees, vegetables and fruits.
    • Get complete nutrition, including essential protein, vitamins and minerals.
    • Save money while losing weight by spending less on groceries and restaurant foods.
    • Stay on your weight management plan with easy-to-prepare, portion-controlled foods.

HMR is a weight loss option utilizing meal replacement and group education emphasizing the 5 keys to success.

  • This program achieves proven outcomes. Average weight loss is 47lbs in 12 weeks and 66lbs at 26 weeks
  • Phase 1 average 13 weeks and includes a 90 weekly minute class
  • Clients pay for food weekly (during meeting) and pay for program fees monthly
  • 5 Keys – attend weekly, daily record data, physical activity, meal replacements, fruits & veggies (3 shakes, 2 meals, 5 fruits & veggies)
  • Phase 2 is 60 minute weekly class with 50% attrition into Phase 2. Most stay about a year in this maintenance phase. Less meal replacement in Phase 2
  • Products – shakes, bars, soups, entrees, etc. can be purchased by anyone at the café

For more information about the program, please visit, email or contact Kelsey Garrison at 527-1918.